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Notary Bonds provided by Gary King - CA Dept. of Insurance license 0K01541

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we get asked most often:

  • How do I know I'm getting the best price if I buy through you?

    The best thing to do is to compare similar packages. You'll probably get four companies trying to sell notary supplies to you. These companies are us, NotaryX, Valley Sierra, McGlone, and the National Notary Association. Our Basic package is $59, including tax and shipping. Our package includes a self-inking stamp, $15,000 bond, journal, and inkless thumbprint pad.

    Valley-Sierra has a package for $42.95 with a wood handle notary stamp. The ink pad is an additional $6.95, the thumbprint pad is $9.00, taxes are an additional $1.62 and shipping is $10.00, for a total of $70.52 for a package with an old-style rubber stamp. The self-inking stamp is an additional $18.50 + tax.

    McGlone is a little better than Valley Sierra. They have a package with a self-inking seal, journal and $15,000 bond for $55.00. This price includes sales tax and shipping. However, they don't have the inkless thumbprint pad included. Many transactions require you to get the signer's thumbprint. If you want to have this frequently needed item, you'll have to pay $9.95 extra, for a total of $64.95.

    The National Notary Association has a four item package like NotaryX: self-inking stamp, $15,000 bond, journal, and inkless thumbprint pad. Their price is $130 plus $5.00 for shipping, a total of $135.

    If you're looking for the lowest price, you can do the comparison yourself and you will get the same results.

  • Are you licensed to provide notary stamps?

    Yes, we are. We have a permit (NXC1) that will appear on your notary stamp. The California Secretary of State gives permits to manufacture. On the documents which you receive from the state when you become a notary, our name will be listed as an authorized vendor.

  • Why do you need the original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals?

    If you've just become a notary, you will get a yellow envelope from the state filled with paper. One of these documents is the "Certificate of Authorization". The state requires that I get that form before I can release your notary public seal. It must be the original form - not a copy. When I get the form from you, I will use your notary seal to stamp the bottom of the form. I will then send the form back to the Secretary of State's office. Then, if you ever notarize a document that needs an apostille, the Secretary of State can verify that your notary seal is correct. The Secretary can also use the form to see if your notary stamp was illegally manufactured by people trying to commit a fraud.

  • Why would someone buy more than one notary stamp?

    The most common reason to buy more than one notary stamp is because the notary uses their stamp in more than one location. For example, you may keep a notary stamp locked in a drawer at work and another locked at home. If you do notaries at work, you will always have a handy stamp. By having an additional stamp at home, you are not forced to remember to bring your stamp back and forth to home. Other reasons for having two stamps: a small travel stamp for convenience, a backup stamp in case one breaks or is lost, a round stamp to use on documents with a square imprint area, or an extra stamp to use when ink gets low.

  • Can you have two journals?

    No, you can have two stamps but you must only use one journal. When the journal is filled, you can start a new journal. If you are travelling between two locations to notarize documents, you must bring the journal with you. This is one of the advantages of our compact, lay-flat, privacy protected notary journal - it is half the size of most journals and easy to travel with - it will fit in most purses.