Mailing the Certificate of Authorization to

Below are the most common ways of sending the Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals.
We discuss each option: their advantages and disadvantages. They are listed in order from the best to the worst method.

Note: We are required to get the Certificate of Authorization from you if you order a notary stamp (notary seal) from us.
You do not need the Certificate of Authorization to record your bond. It is only used to get the stamp. The sooner we
receive the certificate, the sooner you will receive your stamp and other supplies. We will ship your stamp and supplies
the day after we receive the certificate.

We prefer that only the certificate be placed in the envelope. We use your commission number as our tracking number.
We do not need your receipt, order number, copy of the order, commission, or any other paper. You do not need to
write on the certificate - just fold it into the envelope and send it off.
Best Method - Place a stamp on the Envelope and mail it.

This is the least costly and relatively fast way of sending us the Certificate of Authorization. The cost is only one
stamp. The post office box that we receive the mail at is accessed by us daily and your supplies are mailed to you the
morning after we receive it. The post office box is very reliable and there has been no loss of mail at the post office
box. Use the envelope we sent with our advertisement or mail in your own envelope to:
P.O. Box 1767
Lincoln, CA 95648

Stamped mail from Northern California usually reaches us in two days. Southern California mail usually is three days.

Second Best Method - Priority Mail

Priority mail is usually one day quicker and can be tracked, but costs $9 to $10 dollars. If you want to track the Certificate
of Authorization, this is the best method. Priority mail from the Sacramento area usually reaches us in one day. From the
rest of the state, priority mail usually reaches us in two days. There are a few remote parts of California where priority
mail takes three days to reach us.

Priority mail can be tracked on-line. We will mail your supplies the morning after receiving your certificate. You can expect
the supplies to be in transit for 2 to 3 days.

Third Method - Send by Fed Ex or UPS Overnight

We can accept UPS and Fed Ex packages at the postal box. However the address needs to be modified to:
200 Gateway Dr # 1767
Lincoln, CA 95648

This is an expensive way of shipping the certificate. The certificate will arrive overnight. Unfortunately, Fed Ex and UPS
can deliver at any time during the day. Mail is put in the postal box by 11:00am. Therefore, if we check the mail at noon,
the overnight packages from Fed Ex or UPS may not have been delivered. We will then get those packages the next day. This is
typically what happens. Therefore, we recommend Priority Mail as a substitute for Fed Ex or UPS.

Fourth Method - Priority Mail Express

Similar to Fed Ex and UPS, shipping by Priority Mail Express does not guarantee delivery before 11:00am. Therefore, it might
take two days to reach us. To add to the delay, if you do not ship the certificate before noon, the post office automatically
switches to a two day service. Cost is in the mid to upper $20's. Therefore, shipping priority mail express might actually
take longer than shipping it by regular priority mail and cost three times as much. We believe this is a waste of money.

Fifth and Slowest Method - Certified Mail

Certified mail is usually about five dollars and tracks the mail to make sure that it is received. While it sounds like a good
method, there is one big problem - someone has to sign to pick it up. That means that someone from has to go to
the post office during business hours and stand in line to pick up your mail. We do pick up mail daily and ship everthing out
the next morning. However, we sometimes go after business hours (the post office boxes are accessible until late in the evening).
If we go to the post office during business hours and the line at the post office is long, we may not have enough time to wait to
pick up your certified mail. Your mail could be waiting several days for us to pick it up. After a week, the post office will
send it back to you.

Look, we want your Certificate of Authorization and you want us to have your Certificate of Authorization. Don't make it hard
for us to get it. We don't want to stand in line to get the certificate and you don't want the certificate delayed. Therefore:
We recommend that you do not send by Certified Mail.