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What is NotaryX and who has created it?

NotaryX was chosen as a name for this service for two reasons, both of which long-time notaries will probably find amusing.

First, NotaryX speaks to the anonymity of notary publics. Name a famous notary public. You probably can't. (If you know a famous notary public, e-mail us the information.) Notary publics, by the nature of the role that we play, are in the background. If you have ever gotten anything notarized, you probably can't remember the name of the notary public, unless they're related to you. Although the notary plays an important role in commerce, it's an anonymous role, the X role, NotaryX.

Second, NotaryX also represents one of the more annoying aspects of being a notary public, the person that decides to sign by a mark, by an X. Most notaries rarely have a signer that signs by X but when it happens, it can be disconcerting. Suddenly, the notary has to remember the obscure state requirements for signing with a X. Do you need identification or not? One witness or two? Witness identification? Do the witnesses sign the journal? A signer that signs by X is something to dread. Therefore, to remind us of the hardest notary witnessing, NotaryX.

Who are we? We are a family of notaries. My name is Gary and almost everyone in my family is or has been a notary. I've been a notary for over thirty years and average about 100 notaries a month. Our family owns a religious bookstore and we advertise notary services in our local phone book and on the Internet. Since the bookstore is open six days a week, someone is always there to perform notary services. This seems to be a good model for public notaries and you'll see this at mailbox stores and check cashing businesses also, anywhere where a business stays open for a specific number of hours per week.

Why did we start NotaryX? After taking many notary tests, buying supplies, and filing notary forms with the county, we felt that we could simplify the process. Until NotaryX, there was no inexpensive one stop source for the notary continuing education, supplies, and information. Sure, there are groups like the National Notary Association that offer continuing education and supplies, but they are expensive and we found that they were not slow on providing supplies, especially after you paid for the supplies in advance.

As notaries are quick to discover, from the time that you receive you notary commission from the state, you have only 30 days to get a bond, file it with the county, and if you are renewing your notary commission, obtain your new stamp in order to have no gap in your notary income. Time is of the essence. One mistake and you could be without the equipment you need to get your work done.

This is exactly what happened to one of my family members when she renewed her commission. She received her commission in the mail and within two days had sent for her bond and stamp. The bond came fast and was filed at the county recorders office. The stamp was ordered and the manufacturing certificate was sent. She waited, and waited, and waited. She called the manufacturer and was given excuse after excuse for the job not being completed. However, the stamp manufacturer had the manufacturing certificate so nothing could be done. Finally, e-mails to the state notary department got the ball rolling but by the time the stamp arrived, it was still two weeks into the commission period, notary income was lost.

NotaryX wants to be your one source for the notary training, stamp, and bond. We also pledge to have the lowest prices.

You can also find us. As I mentioned above, we own a religious bookstore and are physically present on the premises six days a week. This is our address: Miracle on Main Street 1718 East Main Street Stockton, CA 95205

If you call us on our NotaryX number, you're more likely to get through faster. Our phone number is (209) 462-4002. Our fax number is (209) 462-4084. Our e-mail address is

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