Item #164 - Notary Forms Package

The notary forms packet has three forms (only two shown in the picture but there is three). You get ten
copies of each of the three forms. We also give you permission to photocopy these forms during the term
of your commission for your use only. Thus, ten copies of each form give you enough to keep for photo-
copying and some to use when you forget to make more copies.

The form includes the acknowledgment, jurat, and a receipt form. Not only are you allowed to copy the
forms for your use (unlike other form providers) but we believe our forms have superior features.

First, our forms are printed for your order. Your name and county are already imprinted on the form.
This improves your professional image. Also, having your name and county printed on the form save you
time by not having you write your name and county as you perform each notary. When you are doing a lot
of notarizations at each time, you will appreciate this preprinting. This is also why we allow you to
make photocopies, the form can only be used by you. (If you are in a different county when you notarize
a document, California law allows you to cross out the incorrect county and write in the correct county.

Second, our forms have an optional space that we feel is more useful than optional space on other forms.
Our form has space for the form title or description, the date of the document and the number of pages of
the document. It also has a line to circle the number of signers of the document. This last piece of
information is particularly helpful. It is also faster to complete than most other forms.

Third, our forms have plenty of room to place a notary seal (or more than one seal if the image is unclear).
There is also enough room to stamp a numerical code using our numbering stamp (item 147) and the form is
printed in large print with easy to complete blank spaces. The date space accomodates our date stamp (item
142). Overall, this is a fast and convenient set of forms to use.