Item #163 - Heavy Stamp

The heavy stamp is a preferred stamp for notaries in the legal field or financial field. The stamp is
made by Trodat of Germany as part of its professional line of stamps. It is heavy duty and solid and
will last through years of impressions. There are three features that make this stamp a good choice for
the professional"

First, the shape of the stamp gives it slender metal legs. This gives you the chance to see where the
stamp impression will be made on the document. This makes the stamp a good choice when documents have
a narrow space for the notary seal.

Second, By using metal legs, the legs of the stamp are slender. A padlock can be placed around the legs
making it almost impossible to fraudulently use the stamp - it would have to be broken and taken apart
to use the stamp fraudulently. This is a great feature if your stamp is used in a public area where
someone could possibly gain access to the stamp by breaking into a secured area.

Third, the size and look of the stamp give it a look of authority. This is not the type of stamp that a
regular notary would use. This is especially helpful in the legal profession where having authority is
important to your customers. The image changes the notary from a clerical person to a professional.
Keeping up the professional image helps to keep the billing amount seem reasonable.