Item #153 - Make Your Own Journal Pages

Make Your Own Journal Pages consists of two rubber stamps. The first stamp contains basic notary information
and information on the documents being notarized. The second stamp captures all of the information about the
person being notarized. Why would you want these stamps? First, you may want to create your own journal in
in a special size or format. Perhaps, you found a note journal that you really like and want to make it into
a notary journal. Second, you may have a scrapbook or other artistic journal that you want to use. Third,
you may have special information that you want to include with the notarial entry. In any of these or similar
circumstances, you may want to create your own journal. Onto the page of the journal, you use the first stamp,
record the document name, date and time. Then, for each signer, you stamp the journal once for each signer.
You can have as many signers as you want.