Item #147 - Numbering Stamp

This stamp has a series of six wheels that you turn manually to change the face of the stamp. The stamp prints any 6 digit
number from 0 to 999,999. This is a good security item to use in cases where you have a seperate acknowledgment or jurat
form and you want to make sure that the form is not used for a different document than the document that you notarized.
In addition to describing the document on the acknowledgment form, you can also stamp a unique number on the acknowledgment
form and on the document. If the document does not have the matching number, the acknowledgment is invalid.

Where is this useful? A good example of this might be the case of a person with a similar name. Let's say that John Smith
brings you a grant deed and asks you to attach an acknowledgment to the deed. You get his ID and attach the acknowledgment.
Now, John Smith walks out of your office and gets another grant deed made granting a property from his father, John Smith Sr.
to himself. He uses your acknowledgment and files the grant deed, effectively giving the property from his father to himself.
When you get to court, you will find it difficult to determine which document you notarized. The number stamp allows you to
number the acknowledgment and place the same number near the signature (or on each page of the document). Now you can determine
if the document and acknowledgment belong together. This is one more security step that helps prevent fraud - fraud at your expense.