Item #143 - Frequent Signer Kit

You probably knew that the "Compact, Lay-Flat, Notary Journal" was designed a little differently from regular notary journals.
This option is one of the advantages of the format. Many of you are working for companies where you notarize document for
the same person or small group of people every day. For example, I have a family member that notarizes my signature on every
notary bond that we sell. He notarizes my signature daily. What this kit does is gives a blank form which asks for all of
the information on the signer which never changes. You enter the data once, you copy it the data onto the enclosed labels
and when you complete the notary journal entry, you use the label for your entry. There is even a box to check to show that
you checked the ID of the signer. Quick and easy, you enter the date, time, and fees, collect the signer's signature and
thumbprint, and notarize the document. Shaves several minutes off the signing. You will find this very convenient. Includes
the format page, 10 pages of four labels, and source information to obtain more labels.