Item #142 - Date Stamp

As a working notary, this is one of my favorite items and it is relatively inexpensive. This is a small stamp which has
four dials near the stamp face. You use the dials to choose the month, day, and year. The stamp is good for about ten
years. Set the date in the morning or the first time you bring out your supplies. You can now stamp the date on
documents throughout the day without worrying about whether or not you write the right date. If you have ever written
an incorrect date on a document, this is the stamp for you. The printing is also rather small so that the date will fit
even in small spaces. You can also use this stamp to place dates on any document that comes across your desk. We use it
at NotaryX when we date invoices. The ink is standard water based ink or we can replace the entire ink holder when it is
worn out.