Item #136, 137, 138 - Color Ink for Notary Stamp

California notary law allows any ink color to be used for notary stamps as long as it appears when the
document is photocopied. We have ink available in purple, red, and blue ink. They can be put into
any of our notary stamps except stamp #135. Choose the color ink below - it adds five dollars to
the cost of your stamp. If you are choosing more than one stamp, choose the stamp first and then
choose the color next, the color will be added to the stamp just chosen.

Why use a color ink? This makes your stamp easier to find on a page and gives you a distinctive and
memorable look that your customers will be likely to remember. Also, it makes it harder for a
stranger to make a fraudulent stamp with your notary name because the forger will not be as likely
to know that your stamp is an unusual color.

Purple ink = $5.00

Red Ink for Notary Stamp

Red ink = $5.00

Blue Ink for Notary Stamp

Blue ink = $5.00