Item #127 - Embosser

The embosser is placed onto a document and the handle closed to leave a raised impression on the document.
Years ago, this was the official way of notarizing a document. However, with the need to photocopy documents,
the ink stamp is now required. However, the embosser is still good for some uses.

For example, documents that are going out of the country may appear more legitimate with an embossed seal.
An embosser can also be used for security. When a form acknowledgment is attached, the embosser can be used
on the document and on the attached acknowledgment. The acknowledgment can then be marked to indicate that
the document has a raised impression matching the impression on the acknowledgment.

The embosser is not to be used in place of a notary seal because the detail is insufficient, even if the
impression is inked.

Indicate on your order if you would like your notary information on the embosser. Otherwise, the embosser
will contain your name, the words Notary Public, your county, and the word California. In this case, the
center of the embosser will contain an outline of the state. We recommend using this version of the embosser
because the words are more easily read and the embosser is good for more than one notary commission period.

Accessoried for the embosser include a stand to convert the embosser from handheld to desktop use, a hard
plastic travel case, and gold foil serrated labels to place on the document to enhance the embossing.