Item #123 - First Name Tag

The first name tag is made by lasering your name into rigid plastic and attaching a heavy duty magnet to the
back of the tag. Better than a pin, the magnet does not ruin your clothing or accidently prick your skin.
The magnet is strong, holding better than a pin. As I write this description, I am wearing a name tag and I
have worn the tag every day, 9 hours daily, for several years. It has a few scratches because I lift a lot
of boxes every day. The scratches are minor, not particularly noticeable unless you look closely. If
you are not lifting heavy boxes all day, this tag is virtually indestructable.

Why would you want a name tag? The first is professionalism. Wearing a name tag gives you some authority and
shows that you are serious about your business. It's particularly helpful if you are not always dressed
professionally. For example, wearing a name tag with jeans and a polo shirt changes the look from casual to
semi-professional. The second reason to wear a name tag is for identification. When you knock on a door or
see a client, the name tag lets them know that you are the notary. Also, if you do mobile notary service, the
name tag gives some protection because others can see that you are in their neighborhood for a business