Item #121 - Name and Title Stamp

The name and title stamp is just one of those nice items to have as a notary. It is exactly what it sounds like,
your name and title (Notary Public) on a self-inking stamp. It does not have your commission information, so
it will be good through additional notary commissions. If you've ever had to write your name and title in a
small space or on several documents, you realize how time consuming the process is. This stamp will save you

Your information will be placed in relatively small letters on the stamp so that it will fit in most small
spaces. Using a self inking stamp allows you to easily see where the impression will actually land on the
document because there is a little alignment guide on the stamp. The stamp is good for hundreds of uses and
can be re-inked with regular ink. This item is a low cost item and does not cost much to use.