Item #112 - Pre Inked Notary Rectangle Stamp

The pre inked notary rectangle stamp is the favorite of most notaries. It is pre inked and good for 1000's
of uses. It can be refilled when it runs out of ink but most notaries will find that the stamp lasts through
the four years of their commission.

We have address stamps that we use that are exactly the same size. After about 1800 stampings, the ink starts
to lighten up and we then put more ink. We have been using the same bottle of ink for several years. Our
address stamp has stamped close to 15,000 mailings and is good as new.

When comparing notary package prices, make sure you are getting pre inked stamps. There is a difference and
other stamps are cheaper.

What is the difference in stamp types? Most people think of rubber stamps on a wood block with a handle and
you use an ink pad. Press the stamp into the ink and them onto the paper. This is a manual rubber stamp.
Most notaries don't use a manual stamp because of the inconvenience of carrying an ink pad and the stamp also
stays damp until it dries in the air. Lint from the stamp pad may also clog the stamp.

A self inking stamp is a rubber stamp with a mechanical device for putting the ink on the stamp. There is still
an ink pad but the pad is built into the machine so that pushing the top of the machine presses the stamp onto
the paper and reinks it for the next use. Self inking stamps last 500-1200 uses and then need to be re-inked.
The stamps can be broken more easily than a pre inked stamp. The stamp itself tends to pick up dirt and lint.

Pre inked rubber stamps use a high voltage light to expose the rubber and create microscopic pores through
which the ink transfers to the paper. It use a special type of ink. The surface of the stamp is smooth and
there is only one moving part (none on the travel stamp). Pre inked stamps are the more expensive of the
stamps and considered the best.