Item #103 - The Gold Package

The Gold Package is our deluxe package with many extras.

Everything from the silver package is included with the following additions.

A second notary stamp in a convenient travel size is included. Approximate dimensions are 3.5 x 1 x 1, a
perfect size to fit in a pocket. If you are a mobile notary, this is a definite item that you need. It is
pre-inked for 1000's of uses and can be easily refilled. If you are not a mobile notary, this is a good
stamp to keep as a spare in case your main stamp is unavailable.

You also get a pre-inked jurat stamp with your name and county on it. This is handy to use when you don't
want to use a paper form. For example, if someone brings in a handwritten document, it is sometimes easier
to stamp a jurat on the form than to include notation on a jurat paper form regarding the document. Is it
necessary, no. However, as notaries, we use our jurat stamps frequently and they speed up the notary work.