Item #102 - The Silver Package

The Silver Package is our mid-price package that has a few extra conveniences.

Everything from the bronze package is included with the following additions.

The journal is upgraded to 200 entries and 400 signatures, two names per entry. For a notary with a higher
volume, this may be more convenient.

Intead of five acknowledgments, there are 50 custom printed ackowledgments, enough to last for a long time.

There are 50 custom printed jurats with affiant statements, instead of 5.

A self-inking stamp is included which has the name of the notary and the title "Notary Public". This stamp
is printed in a small font which can easily be placed on a line in a document which might be hard for the
notary to complete by hand. Using a self inking stamp enables the stamp bottom to be clear - you can see
exactly where the printing will appear on the form. This is a handy device when you are completing a lot of
forms but especially when the document preparer left only small spaces to write in.