Item #101 - The Bronze Package

The Bronze Package is our economy package but it has everything that you need to get started as a notary.

The $15,000 bond is required by the state of California and protects consumers from your errors.

The notary stamp is a high quality pre-inked stamp which lasts for 1000's of uses. It can be refilled but
normally lasts notaries through the entire term of their commission. Because it is pre-inked, the ink is
contained within the stamp, keeping the whole stamp neat and clean.

The journal in this package allows for 100 entries and 200 names, two names per entry. It has space for notes
for each entry as well as meeting all of the requirements of the state. 100 entries carries many notaries
through their entire commission but for those doing many notaries, it is convenient to replace the journal
after filling it - keeping the information safe and starting a fresh journal. It is a convenient size for
carrying, 5.5 inches high x 9 inches wide and uses spiral binding. There is one entry per page which allows
each customers data to be kept private from other customers.

The inkless thumbprint pad is good for 500 or more uses. A small amount of "ink" is pressed onto the customer's
thumb and placed in the notary record book. Then, the customer rubs their thumb against their hand and the
residual is removed.

Five custom printed acknowledgments are included. These are customized with the name of the notary and the
county, saving time from having to write this information. The form can usually be completed in half the
time of a blank form. The form is copyable, you can make as many copies as you need.

Five custom jurats are also included. These are preprinted like the acknowledgments. There is room at the top
for a customer to write an affiant statement.