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Notary Bonds provided by Gary King - CA Dept. of Insurance license 0K01541

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the questions that we get asked most often:

  • How do I know I'm getting the best price if I buy through you?

    The best thing to do is to compare similar packages. You'll probably get four companies trying to sell notary supplies to you. These companies are us, NotaryX, Valley Sierra, McGlone, and the National Notary Association. Our Basic package is $59, including tax and shipping. Our package includes a self-inking stamp, $15,000 bond, journal, and inkless thumbprint pad.

    Valley-Sierra has a package for $42.95 with a wood handle notary stamp. The ink pad is an additional $6.95, the thumbprint pad is $9.00, taxes are an additional $1.62 and shipping is $10.00, for a total of $70.52 for a package with an old-style rubber stamp. The self-inking stamp is an additional $18.50 + tax.

    McGlone is a little better than Valley Sierra. They have a package with a self-inking seal, journal and $15,000 bond for $55.00. This price includes sales tax and shipping. However, they don't have the inkless thumbprint pad included. Many transactions require you to get the signer's thumbprint. If you want to have this frequently needed item, you'll have to pay $9.95 extra, for a total of $64.95.

    The National Notary Association has a four item package like NotaryX: self-inking stamp, $15,000 bond, journal, and inkless thumbprint pad. Their price is $130 plus $5.00 for shipping, a total of $135.

    If you're looking for the lowest price, you can do the comparison yourself and you will get the same results.

  • Should I order on-line, by mail, fax, e-mail or by phone?

    You may order on-line, by mail, by fax, e-mail, or by phone. Here are tips for each ordering method:

    Ordering online can be done 24 hours a day. After receiving your order, we will manually check your order and then send a semi-automated response and summary. We check for orders frequently but may be a little slow during peak hours. On the plus side, your order stays on our system until it is entered and started. Also, if you order by 4:30pm, we will have your bond in the mail by the next day.

    When you order by mail, you get an extremely fast response. We get the bond and all materials prepared the same day that we receive your order and get the bond and materials (your complete order) in the mail the next day. Since the bond and stamps are mailed together, the entire package is given a tracking number. Just be sure to send us the "Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals" when you send us the mail order.

    Our fax machines are on and ready to receive orders throughout the business day (M-F 9-5). Like ordering on-line, we will prepare your bond and have it in the mail the next day.

    You can e-mail the order form to us at any time or just send an e-mail requesting the items you want. Send us your commission number so that we can get the order entered fast. WE check e-mail frequently. Orders received by 4:30pm will give us time to prepare the bond for mailing the next day.

    Ordering by phone must be done during normal business hours. When you call, you may also get a busy signal or you may be calling at a time when we are in full production mode, focusing on getting stamps manufactured and bonds completed. During those times, we may have to call you back or let the call go to an answering machine. We get our orders shipped fast but this means that sometimes we are not available for phone calls.

  • What happens after I order on-line?

    First, wait for a response. We will review your order manually and then send a semi-automated response with instructions. Read the instructions carefully - they tell you what you need to know. The important thing for you to do is to send us the Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals. As soon as the certificate is received, we can send your other supplies.

    Second, we will charge your credit card for payment.

    Third, we will prepare bonds for any orders received before 4:30pm so they can be mailed the next day. (In reality, we usually prepare all bonds from oreders received before 5:00 and soemtimes even later orders but 4:30pm is a reasonable deadline).

    Fourth, we start production on your notary stamps and other supplies. We try to have these ready to go by the next day.

    Fifth, we have your supplies in our vault and wait for the Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals. We can't send your stamp without receiving the original certificate.

    Sixth, when we receive your certificate, we mail your stamp and other supplies.

  • I ordered on-line but didn't get a response. What's happening?

    We check all orders manually. After placing the order, an e-mail with the order details is sent to us by the shopping cart program. We check e-mail often but during busy times, it may take an hour or more for us to respond. When you receive a response from us, a person has actually reviewed the order and printed an order tag to start the process. If there are any problems with the order, we will contact you and let you know.

    Yes, it is a little slower to check orders manually but you know that someone has actually reviewed your order. We feel this is better than automating a response and you never know if someone is actually working on the order. (Have you ever placed an order and never received the item? You call back and the company says they never received an order - that's an automated response system.)

  • How long will it take to get my order?

    We are fast on our side of the transaction but there are time issues to keep in mind. We are very diligent about getting bonds in the mail by the next day but mail takes a few days to arrive. Here is an example:

    You order on Monday before 4:30pm. The bond will be mailed on Tuesday and you should receive it on Friday (Thursday in some locations). Please give the bond one extra day in case your mail is running late.

    In the meantime, you need to mail us the original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals. Once we receive that, we will have your supplies in the mail by the next day. For example, if we receive the certificate on Friday, we will mail your package on Saturday and you will receive it on Wednesday.

  • I received my bond but not my stamp. What's happening?

    The stamp can be mailed only after we receive your original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals. If you have not received your stamp, you probably did not send us the certificate. You do not need the certificate form for anything other than getting your stamp. The county recorder does not need it. The sooner we receive it, the sooner we send your stamp. It is best to send it to us the same day that you place your order.

  • Can you send my bond by e-mail?

    No, your county recorder requires an original bond for recording. They will not record an e-mailed copy.

  • Are you licensed to provide notary stamps?

    Yes, we are. We have a permit (NXC1) that will appear on your notary stamp. The California Secretary of State gives permits to manufacture. On the documents which you receive from the state when you become a notary, our name will be listed as an authorized vendor.

  • Why do you need the original Certificate of Authorization to Manufacture Notary Public Seals?

    If you've just become a notary, you will get a yellow envelope from the state filled with paper. One of these documents is the "Certificate of Authorization". The state requires that the manufacturer get that form before releasing your notary public seal. It must be the original form - not a copy. When gets the form from you, your notary seal wil be used to stamp the bottom of the form. The form will then be sent back to the Secretary of State's office. Then, if you ever notarize a document that needs an apostille, the Secretary of State can verify that your notary seal is correct. The Secretary can also use the form to see if your notary stamp was illegally manufactured by people trying to commit a fraud.

  • Why would someone buy more than one notary stamp?

    The most common reason to buy more than one notary stamp is because the notary uses their stamp in more than one location. For example, you may keep a notary stamp locked in a drawer at work and another locked at home. If you do notaries at work, you will always have a handy stamp. By having an additional stamp at home, you are not forced to remember to bring your stamp back and forth to home. Other reasons for having two stamps: a small travel stamp for convenience, a backup stamp in case one breaks or is lost, a round stamp to use on documents with a square imprint area, or an extra stamp to use when ink gets low.

  • What type of notary stamp should I buy?

    All of our stamps are approved by the Secretary of State Notary Public Section.

    The stamp that comes with our packages is a self-inking stamp. You push down on the stamp body and the rubber pad of the stamp rotates and pushes onto the paper. When you let go, the rubber pad rotates upward and centers itself onto the ink pad above. It is mechanical and reliable. You can press it hard onto the paper and make a dark and easy to read impression. We have a return address stamp that had been used more that 20,000 times with only ink added occasionally. Ink will last more than 1,000 uses and is easy to refill. The pad can be pulled out and a few drops of ink added. Ink can be purchased from us or from an office supply store. The only disadvantage of this stamp is that because the stamp is mechanically made, smaller details in the state seal will not be as clear as on a pre-ink stamp. This is a normal circumstance with this type of stamp.

    The optional type of stamp to use is a pre-ink stamp. This stamp uses a special type of ink and a print cartridge that is flat on the bottom. Detail on the stamp is very good and our travel stamps are pre-ink stamp to allow small details to show clearly on the small impression area. Ink can be obtained from us for less than $10 but the stamp will normally be fine for 1200 or more impressions. Like all stamps, the ink will not run out, but the impression will be grey instead of black as the ink begins to get low. (You'll have plenty of time to get more ink). The disadvantage of pre-inked stamps is that you need to have a flat surface to stamp on and your first few impressions may have extra ink. (When the stamp is new, we recommend stamping on a blank sheet of paper first before actually notarizing a document. This will remove excess ink. After the stamp has been used for awhile, this problem will go away).

    If you want an easy to use stamp, take the self-inking stamp included with the pagkage. If you insist on more stamp detail, choose to upgrade the stamp to a pre-inked stamp. If you purchase a travel stamp, it will automatically be a pre-inked stamp.

  • Can you have two journals?

    No, you can have two stamps but you must only use one journal. When the journal is filled, you can start a new journal. If you are travelling between two locations to notarize documents, you must bring the journal with you. This is one of the advantages of our compact, lay-flat, privacy protected notary journal - it is half the size of most journals and easy to travel with - it will fit in briefcases and most purses.

  • Do you have a guarantee?

    We guarantee against product defects. We do not have a satisfaction guarantee. The reason for this is that most items are customized and bonds are never refundable. We cannot reuse your products if you return them. Also, if you have purchased a package, some items are discounted. For example, returning a journal for a refund may cost you more in postage than the refund amount. If you want a refund, send an e-mail so that we can give you a refund quote.

  • Can I track my package?

    Bonds are sent in regular stamped envelopes. They are not trackable. However, we send them the day after being ordered by regular stamped mail. In California, that means three postal days in most cases. Order on Monday, we ship on Tuesday, and you receive the bond on Friday. Tuesday - Saturday, Wednesday - Monday, Thursday - Tuesday, Friday - Wednesday, Saturday - Thursday, Sunday is same as Monday.

    We do track notary stamps. When you send the "Certificate of Authorization", allow seven postal days: three days for us to get the Certificate, one day for us to mail it out, and three days for you to receive the stamp and supplies.

    If you believe it is running late, e-mail us a request with your full name and notary commission number and we will respond.